The ultimate advertising solution every business owners should take advantage of. It is made for marketers,entrepreneurs, business owners and anyone looking to promote, sell, and advertise their products and services. lt is batterypowered and lasts 1O years. It does not require cellular data or a WIFI connection. The device can push out notifications to Bluetooth-enabled phones within a 30O meter radius.This marketing device allows you to promote your business anytime,anywhere. Sports events, concerts, boutiques, and restaurants- the possibilities are endless.


7i Rock Beacon is loaded with Bluetooth® 5.0 hardware platform based on nrf52 chip. It simultaneously supports multiple protocols iBeacon and Eddystone (UID, URL, TLM), can be configured via our App BeaconSET+.

7i Rock Beacon has an external ON/OFF push button with multiple functions. For example, it can be used as trigger to activate beacon to advertise different data by one click, double-click and triple-click. Moreover, it with accelerometer (optional) advertises sensor data when an object (7i attached) is moving or after an object has fallen.

  • Programmed XENTRACK standard firmware
  • Included 1pc 1000mAh coin battery
  • The max. 100 meters advertising distance
  • Ultra-low power consumption chipset nRF52 series with ARM core
  • Easy to print the logo on the center of top case

Physical Property

Battery Lifetime
OTA and J-Link
Configurable Parameters
Transmission Power Levels
Transmission Power Range
Soft Reboot
Connection Mode

Supported ios 7.0+, android 4.3+, apple iBeacon™ standard, bluetooth 5.0 (BLE) devices
18 months, real time battery level notification
Supported OTA, reserved J-Link port on the board for programming
UUID, major, minor, device name, password etc., special configuration APP
8 adjustable levels, range from 0 to 7
-30dBm to +4dBm
Reboot the device via command without any tools
Advertising mode, non connectable, configuration mode, connectable
3M brand adhesive for direct mounting to wall

Technical Parameter

Case Color
Battery Model
Operation Voltage
Transmission Circuit
Transmission Range
Net Weight

White, pink, green, can be customized
1 x CR2477, 1000mAh, 3.0V
10.5mA (Max.)
Maximum 100 meters
50ohm, on board/PCB Antenna
Double adhesive
26.0g, with battery
Ø 50 x 15 mm


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